Disc Golf.  Have you played?  If not, it probably sounds like a goony idea.  “You what?  You throw a frizbee at those things that look like over-designed trashcans I see in the park?  Yeah.  That sounds fun.”  But wait.  Describe Golf.  “You what?  You hit a little ball with a long stick at a hole?  Okay.  Wait, the hole is way over there?  Hang on, the stick has this little paddle thing at the end, and it’s ANGLED? And you have different sticks for… oh, hell, is this a joke?”

If you have played disc golf, you know it’s fun, and you know that Frisbee is a registered trademark, so you have to call them discs.  Yeah, right.  Like you call kleenexes ‘facial tissues’ and you call Q-tips ‘Not legally allowed to put ’em in your ears’.  Pfft.

Anyhow, go outside and play.  And remember, there are putters, midrange discs and drivers.  You need them all.  That next hole is tricky.