Yep, we took us a trip up onto a mountain in Arkansas, where we hunted crystals.  And them ain’t good eatin’.

Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines is a fine place to go if you want to come home with a double handful of really pretty quartz crystals.  If you have ever seen them in necklaces and such available in shops and you assume that they have to be cut to those pencil-type shapes, you’re wrong.  They form like that- six sided and pointed at the end.  Amazing.  Wegner is a working mine- they harvest all the big ones by breaking a… what do you call it, a vein?… of quartz with a backhoe or a bulldozer or something similarly awesome.  They can’t get the millions of tiny crystals that are left in the dirt, though- and so for a few bucks a head you and your kids, cub scouts, indian guides, girl scouts, cousins, or herd of rugrats of whatever description can go and pick up as many as you like.  It takes a while to ‘dial in’ your eye.  Sometimes the best ones look black, sometimes they reflect brilliant white.  There are tons of them that are a dirty mess, and many that shine clear and clean- amazingly clear.

Here’s a couple of truckloads of us, about to head up the mountain to the site where the vein’s been opened for us to vampirically suck up all the beautiful quartz flecking the ground.

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