Kayote says

Bontrager Rollbar bike tool.

First- bought this to replace two other bike tools. Both were the two-piece kind. One of those, the two pieces slid together and did not lock. It also did not have the large Allen wrench Hex-wrench whatever you want to call it that fitted the crank on my good bike. It was stupid. I could never find both pieces at once because they slid apart in my pack. Second one, really good two-piece snap-together wrench with all the sizes of Allen wrenches. Until the snap broke, then I could only fine one part usually, and it wasn’t the part I needed.

Bought the Bontrager. One piece. With the chunky big Allen (8 mm). 11 tools, good size, good weight. BRIGHT SHINEY RED means it’s easy to see when you drop it. No more looking for little black tools that look like every other little black doohickey ever invented. And I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a new tool. This one fit the bill.

So, good stuff- price, size, useful parts, color even. Bontrager Rollbar. Okay.
And bad stuff- no chain tool, one tire tool, no box-end wrench.

I get around the bad stuff by: never having fooled with a chain on the trail,
using whatever else there is for a second tire tool- usually one of the four or five loose tire tools that are rattling around in my camelback,
and having two little wrenches- one adjustable and one ratchet in my pack long before I bought this tool.

There you go.



I’ve been told I SHOULD be fixing chains on the trail, instead of being a punk and walking out. If you need a chain tool, click on the one below and shop ’em.

Topeak Universal Chain Tool One Color, One Size