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Yakima Sky Box Pro 21




monkey boot box

The SkyBox in situ



I got tired of wrapping up my camping gear in crappy tarps and strapping it to the car roof with NRS straps, so I went cargo box shopping.  I was good until I looked at the price tags.  After the sales guy revived me with smelling salts, I settled on the high volume Yakima, roomy enough to hold a pack of wild monkeys and my buddies stinky ski boots upright (neither they nor the monkeys are allowed inside the car… ever).


–        The Pro models open from both sides – very important for short guys like me.

–        It has a neat feature that makes it impossible to pull the key out unless it’s fully latched.

–        It is super easy to get on and off your car once you set it up to fit your racks.

–        ZERO wind noise on my car and it doesn’t interfere with the hatchback opening.


–        The dern thing costs $670.

–        If you’ve got an SUV, you will not be able to drive through a standard garage door opening with this one.  Thule and Yakima both make lower volume models, which are lower profile.

–        If you’re related to Herman Munster, your cross-country skis won’t fit, but up to 190cm will fit easily.

Bottom Line

If you’ve got the cash, this is the roof top monster for you and your junk.